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Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier

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I purchased the Crane cool mist humidifier in December 10 and it works great for many months. I've read some of the negative reviews which I almost didn't purchase this machine but I'm glad I did, because it works really well for a mid size/capacity humidifier.

First of all, This humidifier has used a 2.3 gallon per day maximum output with a 0.9 gallon tank. Amazon's initial title for this mentions daily output capacity rather than tank size. This may be confusing, although the correct specs are prominently listed on the Amazon page - fifth bullet point in the "product features" section. The reviewers
complaining about the "misleading name" should try emailing Amazon suggesting a title change on their website... instead of writing a 1 or 2 star review of the product. That would be more helpful and more fair.

As for the product itself:

A few buyers obviously received defective machines; this has to be expected on some level with any manufacturer.

But having read over the negative reviews, I realized that most of the complaints were due to improper use of the machine.
It is essential to read the instruction manual and use the machine as intended by design. Doing so will avoid the pitfalls described by most of these 1-2 star review writers. For reference, I have addressed their most common complaints below:

1) White dust buildup in the room: use filtered or distilled water. This is important if you have hard tap water. (85% of American homes do.) I run my tap water through a Brita filter; the exchange ion resin lowers the concentration of calcium carbonates, accordingly softening tap water. It also helps keep the humidifier cleaner by removing organic impurities, and I have had no white dust buildup.
***If your water is particularly high in mineral content, you should use distilled water, or else opt for a vaporizer-type (humidifying) machine, which creates water vapor free of white dust.***

2) Limited effectiveness: you are trying to humidify too large a room. In my
500 square foot living room level the machine helps a little; in my 150 square foot bedroom the machine is more than adequate.

3) Height of machine: the manual directs you to put the humidifier *at least* a few feet off the ground; there's no reason you can't place it even higher up if you wish. Doing so will disperse the mist more effectively.

4) Machine runs out of water: try turning it down to abo
ut 2/3 power instead of full power. The machine is practically noiseless at this setting and the water tank if actually filled to the rim will last at least 8-10 hours.

5) Machine makes bubbling noise on high: see #4 above.

6) Wet area forms immediately around humidifier: you have the machine turned up too high for the conditions in your room. This is explained in the instruction manual: you need to make sure the mist isn't falling down onto the surfaces around the machine; otherwise moisture will accumulate on those surfaces. Turn the power dial down until the vapor stream is fully evaporating in the air.
7) Machine leaks: Take care that the water tank fits snugly into place, with no gaps. Also, make sure you have the clear rubber ring that fits inside the tank cap. During my initial setup, this little (1 1/2" diameter) ring came loose and rolled away, and I almost didn't notice. The ring ensures a tight seal on your water tank cap; without it, I'm pretty sure the machine would leak.

8) Machine gets moldy: you are not following the correct cleaning routine, as described in the manual. You need to empty and rinse out the tank daily, and empty the bottom part of the unit too. Once a week you should use a white
vinegar/warm water mixture in the tank and bottom of unit (see manual).

I hope this was helpful. If my humidifier breaks down I will certainly update this review.
By "Guy next door"

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Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 14.7 x 9.8 inches
  • Colors: 5 Colors (Green, Orange, Pink, White, White and Blue)

Product Features

  • Provides Relief from Cough, Cold and Flu Symptoms
  • Relieves Congestion from Allergy and Asthmatic Type Symptoms
  • min. 10 hours running time
  • Provides Moisture for Dry Cough, Sinus Irritation, Dry Skin
  • Approximately 1 gallon tank with 2.3 gallon output per day

Important Information

This Crane humidifier operates with cold tap water. Just fill the handy tank in the sink (fits most common sized sinks) and switch the unit on. The Humidifier will produce cool mist instantaneously. The mist output can be regulated with the control button located at the front.


Debid Chaprt said...

Cool mist humidifiers are preferred in warmer climates as they eliminate the bacteria caused by the warmer air, whereas those who live in a home that is much too cold would prefer to use a humidifier that sprays warm air.


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