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Old or new house is needed an air purifier

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Do you think that you always clean your rooms regularly, and you don't ever miss vacuuming the room, so you are living in a house which is clean and healthy. Think again. There are literally millions of particulates floating in air which are not visible to your naked eye. Then there are the germs, the smoke, and the chemicals emitted by the fabric and upholstery in your rooms. Come to think of it, we are almost leading our lives as living the hell. Only that we can't see it. But given a chance you wouldn't opt to live in such a space. Well, now you have the chance. You can just go and get yourself air purifier.

But don't make up your mind in a hurry. You are going to invest a significant sum. So take a considered decision. The first thing you need to know where do you want to clean for pure freshy air. It could be the entire of your house for which you will be needing a central cooling or heating system already in place. Or you can go for an entire floor level for which you will need a higher capacity air purifier than a normal one. Or you can just choose to have pure air in one of your rooms for which a normal capacity standalone air purifier would do.

Sometime you might ask what's the certainty that you will need an air purifier at this moment? The answer is simple, most of houses will benefit having an air purifier in place. This holds particularly true for older houses. Suppose your house is over thirty years old but you plan to continue staying there, you would definitely need an air purifier. There are many construction materials that can be cause of air pollution in your home. Such substances included fiberglass, asbestos, lead, formaldehyde and moreover tiny bits of them fall off and contaminate the air. An air purifier takes care of the problem.

Even if you are living in a newly built house, the need for a purifier doesn't necessarily decrease. Most new houses are built insulated from the outside atmosphere. This is done to save on energy expending. But this also means that there is little or no ventilation and therefore the pollutants indoor air don't get the chance of going out and are trapped inside. To deal with them also you would need an air purifier.

So no matter where you are staying you can always do with an air purifier. For your life and healthy, not only you but members in your family also.

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Factors before buy some Air purifier

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The functions of an air purifier are manifold - they not only remove dust particles and pet allergens from the air only but Air purifier also eliminate odors and smoke from your room. So the air you breathe inside your room is cleaned and healthy. However, since the air purifying industry is growing at a rapid pace, there are a lot of models available to you. So before you decide to buy anything, it makes sense that you do some homework.

Where to use?

First be sure about the place where you will be using the air purifier. It would make sense if you get yourself a portable air purifier. This would mean that you can carry it along with you to the room you are in. if you need it to be in the living room, it will be there. And when you wake up in the morning, you can just place it at one corner of the bedroom. If your job involves traveling a lot, you can even bring it along with you to the hotel you are staying in. it is better you go for a compact model if you plan to carry it outside your house.


You also have to decide on the capacity of the purifier. This would depend largely on the size of the room you are going to use it in. The capacities of models are based on sample size rooms. Know the dimensions of your room well and then select your purifier style. You also will have to take a call on the special features of the purifier like whether you need it to be quiet or you would much rather prefer one that comes with multiple settings.


One of the important factor that you have to consider is the more the number of filters there are in your air purifier the better it is for you. Generally all purifiers come with a pre-filter which traps the larger particles. For the smaller particles, HEPA filter works best. They are successful in removing about 98% of the impurities present in the air. If there are further screenings, the better it is. However, more the number of filters, more will be the price of the purifier. You have to strike a balance somewhere.

Another thing you would need to consider is whether the filters are readily available or easy to buy and access or not. If the model you buy is not from a reputed brand, chances are you will find very few outlets which actually stock filters of the model.

These are some of the general factors that required to consider before you buy an air purifier.

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Getting an Air Purifier for the First Time

Even a few years back when someone had asked me about have we ever think about what we are breathing in? We would have doubted his sanity. But things have changed rapidly. And the figures which are coming out through several nationally recognized agencies are quite shocking in a way. Here are a few facts:

-The air indoor is 2 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air
-There are about 15 million Americans suffering from asthma and the number is on the rise
-Almost 50% of all diseases are aggravated due to the polluted air we breathe

Are you surprised about these facts? All this has certainly led many of us to get an air purifier to be installed in our house. The air purifying industry has also grown by leaps and bounds and there are a whole range of products available these days. As always, more the choices the harder it is to choose.

So before you buy air purifier you should actually do some homework. The very first thing you need to do is to assess your needs. Is there someone in your family who suffers from severe respiratory disorders. Then you need to install a HEPA air purifier. However, if you are installing the air purifier just as a precautionary measure and want your family to breathe in decently clean air then an ionic air purifier will serve the purpose.

Another thing you need to decide upon is the capacity of the purifier. The bigger your room is the higher capacity purifier you will require. The capacity also depends on the kind of traffic the room has and whether you keep pets or not. It is always better to have more than required capacity of air purifier installed at your place. This would not only keep the air cleaner, but also for HEPA purifiers the noise level will also be down.

The other thing you need to consider is the availability of filters. If it is not one of the reputed brands, then replacing the filter can be a big issue. You certainly would not like to travel miles just to get one filter for your air purifier. Make sure there are outlets near your home or the filter is available over the internet.

You should also clarify what are the special features of the individual purifiers and which one suits for your needs more on that count. You should also make a note of the warranty being offered.

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Buying guide of Air purifier

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Are you in the market for an air purifier? or Have you ever tried air purifier before? Air purifiers are electric machines that are used to eliminate harmful particles or contaminants from the air. If used inside your home, air purifiers will help to make the air that you and your family breathes cleaner and freshy everyday. For that reason, there is a good chance that you would be in the market for a new air purifier, if not now then in the future.

When it comes to buying air purifiers, there are many consumers who think they know what to look for. Many of those consumers end up purchasing the lowest costing machine or the one that looks the best. Of course, you will not want to pay more than you have to and a good looking machine would be nice, but you are advised against basing your decisions solely on that. Instead, you will want to take the time to understand the product you are interested, namely the price of the purifier, as a whole, and the performance quality.

Perhaps, the first step in buying a purifier is to familiarize yourself with all of your available options. You can do this two different ways. The first way involves visiting one of your local retail stores. You will want to thoroughly examine each product that they have available. This should be done by reading the information which can be found on air purifier boxes. In addition to comparing prices and products at the store, you can also use the internet. In fact, the internet may be the easiest way. Online, you can not only familiarize yourself with different air cleaning machines, but you can also read product reviews.

If you have the opportunity, you are advised to read online reviews of multiple air purifiers. These reviews should give you inside information on the operation and maintenance of multiple air purifiers. Although product reviews are cool, you are also advised to do your own research, as well as use your common sense. This is important, especially when determining the final cost of purchasing an air purifier.

With air purifiers, you will find a number of different make and models. Some of these makes and models use filers. With certain types of filters, many just need to be cleaned, but others need to be replaced. If you need to replace the filter in an air purifier, you need to determine when that filter needs to be changed and exactly how much it will cost. This is extremely important, especially if you are shopping on a budget. In some cases, you will find that some air purifiers need to have their filters replaced in as little as a couple of months. You may also find that the filter ends up costing more than you originally paid for the air purifier. You are urged to stay away from these types of cleaning machines; many times they are not just considered air cleaners, but financial traps.

When looking for an air purifier, you are advised to look for air purifiers with HEPA filters. HEPA filters, although they are considered expensive, are often the most well performing. This is because HEPA air filters must meet specific regulations which are imposed by the Department of Energy, are the reason why air purifiers with HEPA filters are considered the most successful at eliminating unwanted or harmful air particles.

Once you have researched and examined a number of different air purifiers and you have made a final decision, you will find that you have a number of different purchase options. Air purifiers are sold all across the United States. A large number of retail stores carry these purifiers, including home improvement stores, home stores, and most traditional department stores. In addition to storefront retail locations, air purifiers can also be purchased online from a number of different retailers. For the largest selection of air purifiers, as well the ability to quickly compare prices, you may want to think about shopping online for more convience and just stay still at your home. The product will knock your door.

Respectly, where you shop doesn’t matter as much as which type of air purifier you are purchasing. If you are looking for an affordable, but well performing air purifier, you should be prepared to spend a little bit of time researching all of your available options. While this research may seem time consuming, it will almost always be worth it in the long run.

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How important of Air Purifier?

Stay away from allergy....
Have you own an air purifier before?, if not, there is a good chance that you would be interested in owning one in the future, if you aren’t already interested. That is because air purifiers are rapidly increasing in popularity. Why you may ask for Air purifiers? Nowadays Air purifiers are rapidly increasing in popularity because they make indoor air healthier and cleaner. This means that by owning an air purifier, your home or your office space could become a pleasant place to be, instead of an unhealthy or an unpleasant place.

When it comes to air purifiers, despite the fact that they are popular, there are still many individuals who wonder whether or not they should get one. This is because many individuals wonder whether or not air purifiers are actually worth the buy. Are you one of those individuals? If so, you may be in for the surprise of your life. That is because, in the most of cases, air purifiers are not only a good prchasing but they could also be considered quite a deal and worth. Can you imagine when you wake up in the morning after you breath the fresh air all night long, how lovely freshing morning everyday.

Quite a deal, you wondered? When it comes to air purifiers, there is some people may feel that it is expensive to purchase. While air purifiers can be expensive to purchase, you need to remember one thing. They result in clean air, which is easier to breathe. Can you put a price tag on that? That is why, when you think about, air purifiers are a great deal; thus making them definitely worth the buy. However, as great as air purifiers are, you need to remember that they are not all the same. That is why it is important that you know what you are buying.

When buying an air purifier, you need to examine the overall cost of an air purifier. The overall cost of owning an air purifier isn’t just the price that you pay at the store; it is the price overtime. With many air purifiers, you are required to change the filter every few months. This ups the cost of an air purifier. For that reason, you are advised to examine the cost of a replacement filter, before making your purchase. If you are concerned with the cost of a replacement filter, you will want to examine air purifiers that do not use filters, just collection grids. These types of air purifiers may cost more money, upfront, but they could end up saving your money for illness cost , in the long run.

It is also important to examine what you will be using your air purifier for. A large number of individuals use air purifiers if they have pets or if they have a smoker inside the house. Unfortunately, not all air purifiers are designed to remove these types of particles from the air. Therefore, if you plan on using an air purifier for smoke or for pets, you are advised to thoroughly read the descriptions of each air purifier that you are interested in buying. Buying the wrong type of air purifier can turn an otherwise good purchase into one that is definitely not worth the buy.

By keeping the above mentioned points in your mind, you should be able to find and purchase the air purifier that best fits your needs and the needs of your household. This is, in turn, will make your next air purifier purchase definitely worth the buy.

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